Kim has enjoyed an amazing and eventful life and he shares these experiences through his music both in terms of the variety of styles and the heartfelt lyrics.

He got his musical start at age 9 when he was selected for the Australian Boy's Choir. He became Leader of the choir and held that responsibility until his voice broke around his 16th birthday. He cut his first album (with the choir) at age 10 and another several years later, performing solos on each. Alone from the age of 16 and to help fund his way through college, Kim would hitch-hike over 200kms every weekend to sing and play keyboards in a country band in rural Australia.

His life took a major turn when he won a business scholarship that in turn lead to his first job in the advertising industry. From that moment on, music had to take a back seat while he developed his career.

Other than his native Australia, Kim has lived in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and Singapore and travelled most of the world as a leading business executive and as a backpacker. He prefers the latter as he says "countries are about people. If you want to know about ordinary people you have to place your self into their everyday environment. 5 star travel is important and efficient for business but you seldom get to 'feel' the authentic country when you travel like this. Sure it's rough sometimes but it makes you appreciate things more."

He has trekked the upper reaches of the Himalayas 5 times and throughout Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. He's a qualified scuba diver, white-water canoeist, and a glider pilot. He is equally comfortable in remote villages as in the boardrooms of New York and London.

In December 2004 when he heard the news of the devastating Asian tsunami, Kim felt compelled to act. He became one of the first group of volunteers to reach the disaster area in Aceh, Indonesia. The shock of human drama he witnessed reawakened his musical talent. He wrote a song "The Day My Heart Drowned" and later performed it before the President of Singapore on National TV.

With his heart re-opened, emotions flowed and Kim quickly completed his first album, "The First Day". Since then, one song at a time, Kim has crystallised a kaleidoscope of emotions and observations into his second album, "Lifetimes".

Most songwriters write in their early life. Kim's songs are observations of life through more mature eyes. It's sophisticated, worldly and cool with a lot of heart. Hard reality mixed with optimism for the future.