Lifetimes (2011)

  1. What’s Your Secret -:-- / 3:04

    My daughter delivers the spoken intro "What's your secret, honey?". Secrets betray trust. And when trust is gone, a relationship ends.

  2. Little Bit of Love -:-- / 4:41

    I used to take love for granted. But I remind myself that it's the little things that make up true love and a lasting friendship.

  3. When You Look At Me -:-- / 4:43

    Probably my favourite song. This one reminds us that everyone has a rich life story to tell so don’t judge by appearances.

  4. Teaching Me How (To Stop Loving You) -:-- / 4:17

    When you feel you've lost control of a relationship. Your partner treats you like shit. It teaches you how to stop loving.

  5. Simple Life -:-- / 4:33

    Wrote this during a stay at a small village in the Northeast of Thailand. I was so happy just living a simple life and became scornful of people caught up in senseless materialism.

  6. The Little Boy -:-- / 3:12

    Even at my ripe age, there's still a little boy inside that needs to be played with and cared for.

  7. Lonely -:-- / 3:31

    My experiences taught me the difference between being alone and being lonely. Being silent doesn't mean being angry. Loving is not the same as being in love.

  8. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me -:-- / 5:29

    One of my all-time favourite songs. Just wish I had written it.

  9. I Know -:-- / 4:12

    Sometimes we find it hard to accept the reasons given for breaking up - even if hindsight teaches us they're right.

  10. Unless You Call -:-- / 4:08

    We've all been here. It's over! Isn't it? I want it to be over, but God I wish you'd call.

  11. Can’t Pretend Anymore -:-- / 5:58

    A song about the moment my wife told me she wanted a divorce. The song title were her actual words!

  12. Get Up, Get Out -:-- / 5:05

    I wrote this song as a pick-me-up at a time when I was feeling down. It worked.

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