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  1. -:-- / 4:05

    My take on this fabulous song by John Lennon - popularised by Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

  2. -:-- / 3:26

    Inspired by stories of couples forced to remain apart due to the restrictions imposed by Coronavirus. Kiss each other, in the wind.

  3. -:-- / 3:55

    Life sneaks up on you and suddenly it's half done. Midlife is a time for reflection and a chance for celebration. Don't take it too seriously.

  4. -:-- / 3:20

    Sometimes, just sometimes let's leave the phones at home and focus on each other - not on impressing others on social media.

  5. -:-- / 4:03

    During the Covid crisis, all lives were upended. But none more so than front line workers who had to forego family to save the lives of strangers. True champions.

  6. -:-- / 3:58

    A song written in support of people struggling with mental health issues, particularly depression. I hope it brings some light.

  7. -:-- / 3:13

  8. -:-- / 3:54

    I just love this song. I once bought a beer for Denny Laine (backing vocals, bass guitar on the original) who joined the resident band to play this song in a Tokyo bar.

  9. -:-- / 3:12

    Some people have a vicious tongue but a heart of gold. But have you ever wondered what caused this kind of behaviour?

  10. -:-- / 4:16

    A remake of this song from my first album. When dreams force us to re-live the nightmare of a breakup.

  11. -:-- / 3:26

    Indecision can drive relationships apart. For better or for worse, make a decision and get on with life.

  12. -:-- / 4:03

    A banya is a Russian sauna. This song inspired by my stay in a remote village on the shores of Lake Baikal, in the Siberia region of Russia.

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