The First Day (2008)

Kim Walker
Pop ballads
  1. -:-- / 3:50

    Small minds feed on rumours. I believe we must always give human beings the benefit of the doubt.

  2. -:-- / 3:58

    The challenge of starting a new relationship after a major breakup. Cautious about another heartbreak but knowing that new love won't grow without trust.

  3. -:-- / 4:51

    Dedicated to my Dad who suffered dementia in the years before his death. He'd had a tough life and I wanted to help him remember the good times.

  4. -:-- / 3:59

    On holiday with my young daughters in the Margaret River, West Australia some life lessons during an early morning stroll on a near-deserted beach.

  5. -:-- / 4:31

    Coming to terms with letting go. If the new guy can love you just half as much as me ..... it was right to set you free.

  6. -:-- / 5:35

    In my youth, I back-packed through India for 6 months and have since been fascinated by this country, its culture and its people.

  7. -:-- / 4:16

    My corporate life when the novelty of relentless travel had begun to wear off. Created and produced using Garage Band, and sounds like it!

  8. -:-- / 5:29

    A wave of terrorist events made me wonder why these people are so angry. Peace is the best way to fight!

  9. -:-- / 3:40

    I have great compassion for women who choose the 'oldest profession' out of economic necessity. Male customers need to realise this is rarely a girls preferred choice.

  10. -:-- / 4:07

    The pain of a breakup haunts us even when we sleep.

  11. -:-- / 4:50

    Inspired by a conversation with a destitute woman in Meulaboh, Aceh after the Asian Tsunami. She'd lost everything. One of the most pitiful sights I've ever encountered.

  12. -:-- / 4:39

    When a casual meeting with a friend in Tokyo (that crazy town) became 'complicated' in just 24 hours.

  13. -:-- / 4:22

  14. -:-- / 3:33

    Sometimes we fall in love then realise our mistake. This song is about the deep anguish we feel when we break someone's heart.

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