Unless You Call

Kim Walker
  1. Unless You Call -:-- / 4:08

We were really good together, made fun of it together;
But our love just made me blind and then hit me from behind.
I don’t want this anymore, I can’t stand it anymore.
You’ve hurt me one last time, I’ll never change my mind …..

Unless you call. Unless you call.
Don’t need to hold you once again, don’t wanna reignite this flame. Unless you call.

You thought you were so clever, thought I’d hang around forever;
Kinda glad you slammed the door, don’t come here anymore.
Now we’ve lost our love forever, won’t get back together never;
Gotta be cruel to be kind, wanna get out of this bind …..

Unless you call. Unless you call.
I’m much better now you’re gone and I’m determined to be strong. Unless you call.

See this happy mask I’m wearing and this shield across my heart?
Maybe you think I’m strong ‘n certain? Just a word from you would tear me apart.

It was good but now it’s over, I sleep better when I’m colder.
No more music now you’re gone, peace and quiet now you’re gone.
It’s for the better that we’re through, never coming back to you.
This time we’re really through, I’m never gonna talk to you ….

Unless you call, unless you call, unless you call.
Don’t care who you’re seeing now, what you’re doing, where ‘n how. Unless you call.

Gonna find somebody new, someone I’ll love much more than you …. Unless you call.

Unless you call.
Oh won’t you just call?