Lady Of The Night

Kim Walker
Pop ballads
  1. Lady Of The Night -:-- / 3:40
You rent your love, he buys your smile,

Hires your body and warmth for a while
Sit on his knee and sing him a song
When money runs out you’ll be sayin’ “so long”

Tell him you love him and miss him so much
Thinks you mean it and longs for your touch.
Thinks you’re special and don’t wanna know,
You’ve many more lovers as soon as he goes

Lady, lady of the night Wear those jeans so tight
Man you’re such a sight
Lady of the night

Round and round the pole you spin
Your folks don’t know ‘bout your life of sin
No money at home so they sent you afar
Maybe don’t care that you work in a bar

Lady, lady of the night. Hope that love ignites.
Sleep right through the daylight.
Lady of the night

Looks like you’re having fun, but there’s a place you’d rather be
No drunken breath, no angry hands, no risk of HIV
You make this sacrifice so your family might be free
Your own small home, a normal job, escape from poverty

He buys you things and makes you feel cool
Old man with young lady don’t seem like a fool
Your body clock’s tickin’ gotta keep pace
This job dies with the lines on your face

Lady, lady of the night
Who’ll be your man tonight?
Don’t care about your plight
Lady of the night